Wilshere: Ramsey is a good deal for Newcastle

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Ex-Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has revealed. Aaron Ramsey would be a perfect deal for Newcastle United. After being absent from Arsenal’s plans. Massimiliano Allegri is finished.

Aaron Ramsey was a former player at Arsenal and seems to have performed very well. Even with rumors of a transfer to Arsenal all the time. He did not want to let Aaron Ramsey leave the team. But with his contract expiring, Aaron Ramsey began considering a move for a new challenge in his career. But Aaron Ramsey opted to reject the new contract offered by Arsenal.

Before being Juventus, who brought Aaron Ramsey to join the team for free. But the problem is that Aaron Ramsey can’t get his good form back until finally having to sit down as a substitute stay for a while and the return of Massimiliano Allegri has also put an end to Aaron Ramsey’s future at Juventus and Newcastle United are keen to sign Aaron Ramsey in January for the club. Strengthen the midfield and salvage the dire situation right now.

Jack Wilshere is confident Aaron Ramsey will be a very rewarding deal for Newcastle United because of his previous experience in the English Premier League. Ron Ramsey enjoyed success at Arsenal prior to his move to Juventus and his lack of playing time has made Aaron Ramsey want to return to the Premier League.