Shin ‘Kai’ asks to pay for tickets instead of football fans to pay tribute to ‘Salika’ defeat

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Spurs players have come together to apologize to football fans for their disgraceful performance in the 6-1 defeat to Newcastle United. Ask for forgiveness by paying for the Golden Spurs fans’ tickets. Visit all games

Tottenham Hotspur players have apologized to fans who attended. The game at St James’ Park for having to watch their favorite team be pushed out of the way. In the latest Premier League match, Newcastle United lost 1-6 in a messy way on Sunday, April 23. Ready to show responsibility for poor performance by paying for tickets instead of Golden Spikes chicken followers who came to cheer on this UFABET game

Shin 'Kai' asks to pay for tickets instead of football fans to pay tribute to 'Salika' defeat

Spurs arrived at Salikadong and got off to a bad start when they conceded five goals in 21 minutes. Creating an unforgettable record of netting the second-fastest five goals in the English top flight. Before losing by half a dozen scores As a result. The board of directors could not stand it and had to order the interim coach Christian Stellini to leave his position and first team coach. Ryan Mason to act in his place until a permanent boss could be found.

Recently, the players of the team A joint statement was issued on the club’s official Twitter account, stating: “As a team, we understand your frustration. Your anger is not good enough. We know that words are not enough in this situation. But believe us Losing like this hurts us. We appreciate your support home and away. and because of this So we want to refund the tickets for the fans. who attended the match at St. James’ Park.”

At the same time, the Spurs players also admitted that doing so did not change what happened on Sunday. But they will give everything to get it right against Manchester United on Thursday. Therefore asking football fans to continue to support because encouragement is a very meaningful thing. And coming together as one will help move things forward.

Previously, Hugo Lloris, goalkeeper and captain of the French team. Came out to admit after the game that It’s a great shame. And had to apologize to the fans that the team played with no pride, lack of fighting, causing many to flee the field before halftime. Because I can’t stand to watch anymore, most importantly, their form of play cannot compete with the home team on all sides.