‘Pep’ encourages ‘Sailboat’ to open the nest to smash the ‘artillery’ to win the league championship

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola pointed out that the opportunity for Sailboat to be the one who holds the destiny to win the Premier League title this season has arrived. And his team must not let it slip away. In the game against leaders Arsenal on Wednesday.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola urged his team to. Don’t let the chance to be the destiny of this season’s Premier League title pass you by. After having an open program, the Etihad Stadium welcomes the visit of the Arsenal team on Wednesday ready to confirm that there is no regret to leave. Oleksandr Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus, two stars who played well for the Gunners , have become contenders for the title at this time.

Pep' encourages 'Sailboat' to open the nest to smash the 'artillery' to win the league championship

The Blues returned to speed in the final corners, collecting three points in six straight games, taking 70 points from 30 games, five points behind the Gunners at the top of the table, but still have two games in hand and has compared to playing at home in the middle of the week which if they can beat their competitors It will make it 2 points behind, plus there are six more points to follow. therefore equal Become a UFABET team that has the opportunity to overtake the lead immediately if they get 1 victory in the remaining two games.

“After the first round (19 games) of the Premier League, with what Arsenal did, it’s hard to think we’re where we are at this time,” he said ahead of the game. We know for sure that What are we playing for? We’ve had several months to get to this part of the league. And there’s a chance in our hands, of course, they have a chance in our hands too. If invaded to win it just depends on them. If they can, fate lies in their hands. But if we win, fate will surely be in our hands.” 

The reporter went on to ask about two Arsenal players who have won Premier League titles with City , Zinchenko and Jesus , and will return to the Etihad, with both playing a key role in leading the club. Arsenal rose from a fifth-place finish last season. Returning to have a chance to win the title this season, but Pep insists that he has no regrets about letting both of them leave the team.

“Everyone agrees. Player wants to move The club wants to sell and the club wants to buy other players. It’s more than just one person, they’re happy and we’re happy. We do not regret it, ”the 52-year-old head coach added. before going up against Mikel Arteta, who had been his assistant for three and a half years again. In the first game in the league this season, City won 3-1.