Klopp slams Tierney after the game

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp yelled at referee Paul Tierney immediately after the game. Especially when Diogo Jota was pushed by Emerson Royale. Falling but not getting a penalty.

I have to admit that the game between Liverpool. Tottenham Hotspur is very hot because both teams only need victory whether. It’s Liverpool who need 3 points to pursue the number 1 team like Manchester. City plus Liverpool are on the way to win the title as well. While Tottenham Hotspur are vying for space in the UEFA Champions League. Must win only to pressure the fourth-placed team like Arsenal. Although Against Liverpool will not be an easy task.

But it was Tottenham Hotspur who quickly got the lead from Harry Kane in the 15th minute before Diogo Jota equalized for Liverpool. It was Andrew. Rue Robertson helped Liverpool take the lead. But Song Heung-min helped Tottenham to equalize again and the two teams eventually split. 1 point per team, but during the game there were many problems. Diogo Jota being pushed down by Emerson Royale in the penalty area.

And at that moment, Liverpool should have a penalty, but the referee on the field, Paul Tierney, decided not to give the penalty and there was a moment when Harry Kane opened the button on Andrew Robertson. In which Jurgen Klopp ramped up against Paul Tierney after the game. Saying I’ve never had a problem with any referee besides you. If that moment wasn’t a penalty then it’s clear you never played the ball.