Howe suffered the loss of two players with a huge impact.

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Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe has revealed that Federico Fernandez. Jamal Luis are likely to be out until next year. The absence of a player is certain. The principle also had a huge impact.

While Newcastle’s performances in the 2020/21 season have been excellent. The absence of new players has had a huge impact. Newcastle United without a win in 14 games. Consecutively in the English Premier League. and have to go down to the relegation area quickly to have Eddie Howe as the new manager instead of Steve Bruce and have already won. But after that, Newcastle United was still unable to keep the win as before.

Starting from the unbeaten defeat to Leicester City, after that. Liverpool were forced to lose and the latest match against Manchester City was a mess at home. Causing Newcastle United to remain. In the same relegation area, there is no chance of moving up with a decent amount of points behind and Newcastle United are still suffering from injuries to two key players, which Eddie Howe admits. The loss of two players had a huge impact on Newcastle United.

“Right now, both Federico Fernandez and Jamal Luis are definitely not available and may have to wait until next year for both of them to return to the field for me. Don’t expect both of them to return to the field soon, but admits that the absence of Federico Fernandez and Jamal Luis affected Newcastle’s performance. United