Eyling reveals Leeds United must win as quickly as possible

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Leeds United right-back Luke Eyling has revealed Leeds United need to get the win as quickly as possible. If they hope to stay in the Premier League with a very disappointing performance during the Premier League season. past

Leeds United’s performance in the 2021/22 season. It is in serious condition after a series of frequent defeats that quickly plummeted to the bottom of the table. Last week was a very bad week for Leading. United without a win for 6 games in a row and losing 5 matches. Until Leeds United had to part with Marcelo Bielsa immediately. Jesse Marsh had to come in for a hot taro. At Leeds United, after Marcelo Bielsa the first match was immediately against Leicester City.

And it was Leicester City who did better and retained three key points. Further exacerbating Leeds United’s situation with just two points clear of the UFABET teams in the relegation area with more appearances. 1 match makes the chance to fall into the relegation area is very high if still can’t get good form back and most recently it was Luke Eyling who urged his teammates to get good form back as soon as possible if Hope to stay in the English Premier League

“We need to get the win as quickly as possible if we want to stay in the English Premier League, despite having a great performance but not being able to get points. It’s a huge problem and the next match against Aston Villa has no choice for us other than to keep winning.”