Clattenburg reveals Kane deserves a red card

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Mark Clattenburg A former English Premier League referee has revealed. Harry Kane should have been sent off for a red card. When he opened the door on Andrew Robertson, but the referee gave him a yellow card.

Although the game between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool is over, but it seems that there are many issues to talk about, especially the moment Harry Kane opened the button on Andrew Roberts. Martson because it was a very violent moment. Plus a situation like this happened many times. But Harry Kane only received a yellow card. Causing the fans to express their displeasure to the extent. Many people thought that the referee on the field. Paul Tierney sounded clearly biased.

In addition, there was a moment. When Diogo Jota was hit by Emerson Royale without playing the ball at all. But the referee on the field still let him play, which Jurgen Klopp. After the game and most recently it was Mark Clattenburg. When he opened the button on Andrew Robertson by Mark Clattenburg. Gave an interview that

That moment was very dangerous. If Andrew Robertson didn’t jump. It would be a serious injury. The decision was not clear at all, and if it was me, I was ready to give a red card to Harry Kane immediately from the moment that happened, that Harry Kane is the captain of the England national team does not mean a privilege. superior to others, especially at such a dangerous pace.