‘Arteta’ admits ‘Arsenal’ players will have to go through tough games if they want to win the title

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Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta admits it will be another tough game against Manchester City to regain their Premier League title lead. but still believe His team will do it..

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta says his players already know If you want to win the Premier League title They will have to go through the game against strong opponents first. Which makes the UFABET team lead the crowd at this time, as well as visiting Manchester City in the middle of the week on Wednesday April 26, the Big Guns must win to have a chance to win the Trophy in C. recently

Arteta' admits 'Arsenal' players will have to go through tough games if they want to win the title

The Gunners head to the Etihad Stadium with 5 points ahead of the second-placed crowd, but they have played more than 2 matches, so they have to go to win this match. If you want to control the destiny of winning the league Because if you can only draw and Pep Guardiola ‘s team wins in the remaining two matches, they will immediately overtake the lead by 1 point, which the 41-year-old trainer admits is a difficult task, but his team has been able to get through this. always

“We knew from the start. If you want to win the Premier League you have to go to  Spurs and you have to beat them, you have to go to Chelsea and you have to beat them. That’s what we’re doing. And that’s why we’re here. Now we go to City and we have to beat them. If you want to be a champion You must win these matches. It’s for that simple reason, ‘ said Big Boss Artillery before the game.

However, Arteta denied that this game was not about deciding the title. Because if his team wins tomorrow night He still won’t win the championship anyway. But it will make the percentage change slightly. Because there are still 5 games left in the league to be played. And it’s a very difficult game. This appointment is definitely Gonna be a big game But will it determine the season? The answer is no.

For Arsenal, there will be no William Saliba to help the team again. Because the French defender has not recovered well from a back injury, while the  Swiss midfielder Granit Chaka with illness until missing the field in a game with Southampton 3-3 last Friday Haven’t returned to training yet. Therefore have to wait to check the fitness again whether ready to help the team or not