Alemani wants Cavani from Manchester United

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Barcelona sporting director Mateu Alemani has confirmed that Edinson Cavani remains Barcelona’s main target. It is ready to make a move for him in January.

After Sergio Aguero announced his retirement from football due to physical problems, Barcelona had to look for a new striker to join the team immediately because the existing team is not enough for the team. The Spanish La Liga title contenders. Barcelona’s goals, there are many. Barcelona’s main target is Edinson Cavani. He has now been reduced to being a substitute for Manchester. United is complete

Despite having a very good performance. But with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. Edinson Cavani is rarely given the opportunity to play until there are rumors of a transfer to the team all the time. And there are many teams who want Edinson Cavani to join the team. Even after entering the end of his football career. Especially Barcelona need experienced strikers to join the team to help the players. The youngsters in the squad need some advice from seasoned players like Edinson Cavani.

To be honest, Barcelona are already looking for another striker. Especially Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. It is likely to part ways with Arsenal following a string of regulatory issues. There is no hope of returning to the field soon. But Mateu Alemani insists that Edinson Cavani is still the main target of Barcelona as usual. Just his physical condition.