How does “food stuck in the throat” help?

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Dr. Kasamon Aramwanit, Department of Emergency Medicine Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University states that having knowledge of first aid for patients who are stuck in their throats is an important matter that every general public should know. Because if food gets stuck in the throat and is completely blocked Just a few minutes It may cause the patient to die before arriving at the hospital.

How does "food stuck in the throat" help?

Food stuck in the throat completely obstructed vs. not completely blocked

How to notice if a patient has symptoms of a complete food obstruction or not.

Food stuck in the throat, completely blocked The patient will not have a voice. (silent speech) or a cry for help And the symptoms will occur suddenly. The patient will begin to appear as if they are suffocating. Until you may start to turn green.

Food stuck in the throat, not completely blocked The patient will still have a voice. The trachea will not be completely blocked.

Food stuck in young children’s throats You may notice symptoms like tiredness, shortness of breath, and the face or body becoming cyanotic.

How to help First aid for patients with food stuck in their throats

When food completely blocks the trachea It will cause the ยูฟ่าเบท body to not have air or oxygen flowing in and out normally. It can cause suffocation and death within minutes. The research found that Our brains can only tolerate suffocation for about 4 minutes, or brain cells may die. Resulting in disability or death.

How to help First aid for patients with food stuck in their throats There are steps as follows:

Call for help at 1669 first. It will be us. Or you can have someone else help you call. Because there is a risk that what we are about to perform first aid in here may or may not be effective. If it is not effective until the patient loses consciousness. There will be a support team to help in time. Or even if food comes out There must be further treatment.

2.1 For young children Have the child lie face down on
2.2 legs with the head lower than the body. Slap the shoulder blade area hard with the heel of your hand 5 times with speed and force.
2.3 Turn the child over to lie face up. Use 2 fingers to press hard in the center of the chest area 5 times
2.3 Do both things, alternating back and forth. until the food particles fall out or until the child loses consciousness Will change to CPR method instead.
The trick is to do it with speed and force, otherwise the pressure in the chest will not be enough to allow the food particles to come out. Do not hold the child’s legs up high. Let the child hang upside down and absolutely shake the child. Because in addition to not helping the food come out There may also be a risk of causing injuries to the child’s head and neck. Or risk bleeding in the brain as well.

3.1 For older children and adults, help from the back.
3.2 Wrap around the patient under the armpit towards the abdomen.
3.3 Grasp one of your hands. By holding it with the thumb. Turn the thumb side towards the epigastric area.
3.4 Use the other hand to spoon the little finger side.
3.5 The assistant thrusts forcefully towards himself in a diagonal direction with speed and force.
3.6 Continue until the foreign object comes out of the person’s mouth. sick or until the patient is able to speak. or until the patient is unconscious And must change to do CPR instead.
Shouldn’t use the method of hitting the back with your hand. Because it doesn’t help the food come out. This is a different way for children.

All should be done with speed. and use enough force There is no fear of injuring the patient from the force used. Because if you don’t use enough force The chance of the patient dying from food stuck in their throat is higher.