” Fire-choking smoke” what should I do? Detailed methods for survival

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If a Fire-choking smoke breaks out in a house, condo, or high-rise office, you should always be aware of when it is time to evacuate from the scene. Bow down when you see smoke, stop using the elevator, and walk out of the fire escape. and evacuate from the area as quickly as possible

"Fire-choking smoke" what should I do? Detailed methods for survival

If we are the first to witness a fire  event, we should quickly decide whether we can put out the fire. Can you do it yourself? If you see that the fire can be extinguished, extinguish it. If the fire cannot be extinguished, call for help. Or call to report a fire-fire department at number 199. If someone is injured, contact Emergency Illness (all over Thailand) 1669.

How to survive in the event of a fire

  1. When a fire is found in one of the rooms If it’s a small fire Note that it is a fire caused by electricity, oil, or fire from candles, lighters, cigarettes, gas tanks, https://ufabet999.com etc. If you are sure that it is not from electricity or oil, you can use water to extinguish the fire. If in doubt, use a large, heavy blanket to cover the fire to extinguish it. If you have a fire extinguisher, quickly grab it and use it. By pulling out the latch on the top handle. Then point the end of the fire hose at the base of the fire. Keep yourself 2-4 meters away from the fire and spray until the fire goes out.
  2. If it is a fire with a large fire pit There was more smoke. Unable to control fire by itself And nothing can put out the fire. You should leave the scene quickly. Close the doors and windows in the room where the incident occurred tightly. It will help slow down the fire and prevent it from spreading quickly.
  3. Stop doing any kind of activity. Stop and go back and grab your things. Quickly remove yourself from the scene as quickly as possible. If you are near a blanket, towel, bed sheet, shirt, or small pillow, you may grab it and cover yourself with it. Or you can take it with you.
  4. If you are unsure of the cause of the fire Including if you smell a bad smell like gas. Do not do activities that cause sparks, such as plugging and pulling power plugs. Press to turn on-off the light switch. Because if the gas leaks May cause a fire.
  5. Hurry and walk out the fire escape. If there is a lot of smoke, bend down low. Breathable air will be about 1 foot above the ground if you grab a damp towel and cover your nose. Or use a large plastic bag to sweep the air into the bag. Then put it on your head. It can reduce the symptoms of choking on smoke. Or reduce the symptoms of a burning nose?
  6. Don’t escape into another room. That is not an absolute solution, such as other rooms that don’t have a fire yet, the basement, especially the bathroom. Being stuck in a room with no way out is a great trap. Find a way that can get you out of the building.
  7. Do not use passenger elevators at all. Because the elevator may stop working in the event of a fire.
  8. You should not exit through the normal stairs either. Because the stairs look like a chimney. Make smoke and Flames rose up and covered it.
  9. Be mindful that if you need to touch something metal, such as a door latch, you should touch it with the back of your hand first. The heat of the fire can make the door latch so hot that you will burn your hands.
  10. If you can escape to the fire escape You should close the door behind you immediately. (If no one is coming behind) Don’t leave it wide open. Because fire and smoke may flow out into the fire escape corridor. Try not to leave the fire escape door open all the time.
  11. Walk down the fire escape stairs in an orderly manner, slowly following each other, don’t squeeze or push. Thick fire escape door Can withstand fire for about 2 hours.
  12. The fire will spread from the ground floor to the upper floor. Therefore, you should run down the fire escape stairs to the ground floor. But if the flames make it impossible to walk down to the ground floor Come up to the rooftop instead. But there is a risk that the rooftop door is locked. Or a helicopter/long ladder couldn’t come to help in time.
  13. If you can go outside the building. Don’t go back in to pick up things. Or help anyone else in the building? You should immediately notify the officials to help.

If you choke on smoke, what should you do?

If there is a lot of smoke from the fire that makes it impossible to breathe You should quickly bend down as close to the ground as possible and slowly crawl towards the fire escape. Cover your nose with a towel. or a clean cloth moistened with water Or grab a plastic bag that catches some of the fresh air and cover your head while you walk. Or crouch and crawl towards the fire escape door.

In the event that I cannot go to the fire escape, what should I do?

If the fire occurs outside the room With us stuck in the room can’t go out The room door should be closed. Use a damp cloth to cover the edge of the door to prevent fire and smoke from entering the room. and come out to the balcony or window to ask for help, waving clothes or large objects that has a clear color, blow a whistle, turn on a flashlight so that officials can see If the phone still works, call the staff at 199 or contact someone you know for help immediately.

Waiting in the room VS jumps off the building.

In the case of heat resistance Or the smoke is so thick you can’t breathe and want to jump from the building. You should think carefully about what floor of the building you are going to jump from. If it is a very high floor Do not jump without equipment from the personnel below to support your body. Because there is a high risk of death from falling from a height.

If there is a fire on the body, what should you do?

If the fire is engulfing you You should lie down and roll on the floor. Do not run as this will cause the fire to burn even more.

How to provide first aid when you have a burn

  1. take off jewelry Remove clothing from the affected area. Wash with clean water at normal temperature. Helps reduce the secretion of substances that cause pain in the wound area.
  2. Blot with a clean, dry cloth. Then notice if the skin has abrasions, clear blisters, or the color of the skin has changed. You should immediately see a doctor.
  3. Do not put any medicine/substance on the wound if you are unsure of the correct properties of that medicine, especially “toothpaste” and “fish sauce” because these things will cause irritation to the wound. Increases the chance of wound infection and makes it more difficult to treat